Ajay K. Bhatnagar
Chief Technical Advisor & Former Scientist F & Head, BIS
+91 120-4104971; +91 9686684759
ajay.kmaglobal@gmail.com ; ajay@kmaglobaltraining.com

In-house (at Client’s premises) Training, Internal Audit on Various Management Systems

Dear Sir/Madam

KMA Global is one step platform for providing Training & Internal Audit Services in diverse areas like Management Systems, including Laboratory Management Systems.

The Chief Technical Advisor of KMA Global is a Qualified Trainer/Faculty and having versatile experience of Training & Internal Audit (as per ISO 19011). He is also a Qualified & experienced Trainer & Lead Auditor for various Management Systems like QMS, EMS, OHSMS, FSMS, EnMS, LQMS & SQMS and has enriched experience in 3rd Party Audit (except ISO/IEC 17025) and Internal Auditing as per ISO 19011 against all the above Management Systems.

As of now, KMA Global is providing training and Internal Audit services in all the above Management Systems. On completion of the training, the participants are provided a certificate of attendance/participation of the training programme.

You will appreciate that Training & Internal Audit against any of the certifiable Management System Standards (MSS), are one of the essential requirements of every MSS and also a very important tool for the top management to evaluate the effectiveness & efficiency of implementation of the Management System.

The company has conducted several open and in-house training programmes on various Management Systems and has conducted Internal Audit as per ISO 19011.

We are sure that your esteemed organization will certainly provide us an opportunity to serve/assist/train/facilitate your organization to achieve your goal of enhancing customer satisfaction.

We would be very happy to respond, in case of any further information/clarification.